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20 minutes could save your life

CIMT (carotid intima media thickness) is an ultrasound of both sides of your carotid arteries. The CardioRisk protocol (which I follow as a nationally certified CardioRisk CIMT tech) through years and years of research has determined this to be the ‘danger zone’. If you are going to develop heart attack or stroke risk from atherosclerosis, this is the area (where) it will normally start and be seen in for early detection.

This painless, non invasive scan which has no needles, no radiation, no need to disrobe, will take about 20 minutes.

There is a 95% correlation between this area and what’s actually going on in your heart and in your brain. With that 95% correlation, this scan can predict with 98.6% accuracy your risk for heart attacks and strokes BEFORE they happen. This test saves more lives than mammograms, papsmears, colonoscopies, and PSA screenings for men COMBINED!

Find Out your Arterial Age

reduce your risk factor

Two scanning locations, one on Martha’s Vineyard, and one in Windsor, CT.  Also available for scanning groups at your location. Using wellness funds, I have successfully scanned over 350 municipal employees in 2020 even through the height of the pandemic. I have safety protocols in place to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. 

The CIMT scan is an amazing preventative screening that should be part of everyone’s annual health regimen for those over the age of 40 (or younger with family history). Findings are all arrestable and reversible with lifestyle or pharmacological changes.

Now is the time to gain the knowledge of what’s lurking beneath the surface. Find out your arterial age and gain the knowledge of how to reduce your risk factors. 

CIMT Facts

Results from over 350 Municipality Employees

#1 killer for Men & Women

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the U.S. for both men & women

Completed in 20 Minutes

CIMT caught 98.6% of the heart attacks and strokes BEFORE they occurred in a 10-year, 100,000 person-year study.  It is a painless, non- invasive scan with no needles, no disrobing, no radiation and is completed in about 20 minutes.

Early & Intermediate Stages

Many patients suffering the early and intermediate stages of atherosclerosis show no outward signs or symptoms of the disease.

No Prior Symptoms

50% of men and 64% of women who die suddenly of Coronary Heart Disease HAVE NO PRIOR SYMPTOMS.

Cholesterol Levels

As many as 50% of those who died from CAD had cholesterol levels that met current guidelines


The largest gap in U.S. healthcare relates to the gross under-diagnosis of those at risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Highest Quality Test Available

Report is generated with over 600 points of measurement that are all within the accuracy of 1/3 width of a human hair (0.002mm).  It is the most reproducible and highest quality test available from any laboratory as documented in peer reviewed and published literature.

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