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What is a CIMT Scan?

  • CIMT Measures

    CIMT measures the thickness of the innermost layers of the carotid artery and detects atherosclerotic plaque responsible for most heart attacks and strokes.

  • CardioRisk CIMT

    The CardioRisk CIMT exam can detect both advanced and early cardio and cerebrovascular disease — The majority of cardio and cerebrovascular events can be prevented with medical intervention (e.g. lifestyle and medication vs. surgery).

  • Leading Cause

    The leading cause of cardiovascular disease is inflammation. CIMT measures and quantifies the degree of inflammation in each patient. Plaque found within the arterial wall indicates atherosclerosis which is predictive of future cardio and cerebrovascular events.

  • 10 Year Study

    In a 10-year, 100,000 person-year study, IMT caught > 98% of the heart attacks and strokes BEFORE they occurred. CIMT scanning is validated in over 7000 peer-reviewed studies as an effective screening tool for heart attack and stroke, and as an accurate assessment of therapeutic efficacy in both Men and Women.

  • CIMT and Plaque

    CIMT and plaque assessment is more sensitive, and more predictive of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke than are more expensive tests like Cardiac Exercise Stress Tests, Angiogram, CT Scan with Calcium Scoring, traditional risk assessment tools including lipid or cholesterol assessments.
  • CIMT is Different

    CIMT is DIFFERENT than Carotid Duplex (Lifeline Screening Exam) and Doppler examinations: Carotid Duplex measures the amount of blood flow in the artery and is designed to determine the necessity of surgical intervention. CIMT is able to detect early stages of heart disease, treating before surgery is necessary.

A Certified CIMT Technician

About Ariana Feldberg

I have been living on the island since 2000 and this is my second time reinventing myself to add to the vineyard community. I have been a dental technician since 2012, and was named one of the top women in dentistry my first year.

Client Feedback

Reviews & Testimonials

Carol S.

Thank you so much for offering this test. I would have never realized what was going on. Once I received the results, I immediately changed my diet. I am a dedicated ‘label reader’ now! I can’t even put into words….how grateful I am. Know that YOU make a difference in people’s lives, and I am… Read more “Carol S.”

J. E.

knowledgeable and informative, helpful and friendly… Read more “J. E.”

Susan G.

I am 57 years old. My family has a long history of heart disease. I had a minor heart attack 8 years ago. Since then I have been on medication. I have always wanted to do a scan of my arteries but I never got around to having it done. Ariana Feldberg has been providing… Read more “Susan G.”

Sandy K.

Ariana was fabulous. She explained the process, the CIMT test and how it differs from the standard Doppler test and the Calcium score test. She was patient and very informative. Definitely recommend going to see… Read more “Sandy K.”

Chyenne W.

Appointment was right on time. Very informative about the whole process and gave details about how everything works and a good sense of humor which eased any anxiety one might have. Very friendly and… Read more “Chyenne W.”

Richard H.

If you are searching for a CIMT exam, Ariana is the person you should make an appointment with.  She performs the ultrasound with thoroughness and care.  Her personality and demeanor puts you at ease.  Her knowledge is incredibly deep, she explains everything and is patient with your questions.  You can tell she deeply believes in… Read more “Richard H.”


My school district offered free CIMT exams. Scheduling the appointment was easy, the procedure was noninvasive, and the results were prompt. Equally as important, Ariana provided compassionate and knowledgeable care-both during the exam, and after. I highly recommend Ariana Feldberg, as a technician, and Carotid Care, LLC, as the… Read more “Anonymous”

Elizabeth W.

Fantastic experience,Thank you for your excellent… Read more “Elizabeth W.”

Pat S.

Thank you so much. I’m going to consider you one of my… Read more “Pat S.”

Ham B.

First and foremost, there is nothing more foundational than preventative maintenance to ensure a healthier life. Not only does this care provide a highly accurate assessment of arterial health, but it can clearly save lives! Arianna, my fantastic scanning technician is extremely well-informed and efficient…and somehow managed to make this extremely important process very enjoyable… Read more “Ham B.”

Maribeth S.

I will say that you are very, very good technically at what you do and that you provide lots of amazing information and helpful support throughout the… Read more “Maribeth S.”

Triva E.

Ariana clearly knows her stuff. She is welcoming and puts people at ease right away. She explains what she is doing and the “why” behind each Scan. I am so glad we got these scans for the baseline and relief in knowing we are practicing preventative self care. Thank… Read more “Triva E.”

Kat M.

Just had my carotid arteries checked and it was 15 minutes and so easy! I was put at ease and I highly recommend Carotid… Read more “Kat M.”

Janis M.

I am so excited to write this review for Carotid Care – yes excited!! This procedure took about 10-15 minutes for Ariana Feldberg to perform the scan on my arteries – needless to say VERY non-evasive! Ariana is a highly trained professional and so very authentic and professional. This procedure most definitely should be a… Read more “Janis M.”

Nancy G.

I’m 42 years old, 115lbs, vegetarian, and didn’t think anything would show up when Ariana scanned me. I have the early signs of a blockage, and can do something about it NOW. For the price of a winter coat you can save your own life. Think about it. Then book an appointment with Ariana. (If… Read more “Nancy G.”

Lisa L.

I was offered this screening through my place of employment. It was a very easy, noninvasive test that only took about 30 mins. Ariana was very professional and did a thorough job explaining the procedure to me. She also offered to help with any follow-up questions that I may have after the test results arrive.… Read more “Lisa L.”

Howard H.

This is a painless, non invasive scan that just might save your life. Because of my test results, I am now under the care of a Cardiologist and plan on being around for a long… Read more “Howard H.”

Barb D.

I believe we owe it to ourselves to be as proactive about our own health as possible. Unfortunately, the current US medical system, with its emphasis on treatment over prevention, doesn’t make it easy. When I decided to spend money to look further into my cardiovascular health, I wanted to be sure I was getting… Read more “Barb D.”

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